Cabin Fever – A Sure Cure!

“Cabin fever” is the term commonly used for that “shut in” feeling in the dead of winter, when you just can't get outside.  Cabin fever has had another meaning for the past years, or possibly even decades – the desire to own a cabin, a getaway in the north woods, at the beach, or in the mountains with a spectacular view.

Cabins, or smaller homes, have been with us for a long time.  In fact, they used to be our homes until we began to feel the need to impress others with single rooms the size of a small house.  But when a person wants peace, solitude, and a cozy, comfortable place to relax...he goes to the cabin!

Full Circle Shelters Model 180 Polyurt is a cure for both types of cabin fever.  Although the Polyurt was originally designed as a post disaster relief shelter, an architect reviewing it said “it is too good to be used only as a temporary shelter,” and others immediately saw its potential as a recreational cabin. 

The Polyurt is a polygon, or multi sided building, in a round shape much like a Mongolian yurt.  The unique construction and shape provide a building that is strong and very efficient in use of materials and energy.  The Polyurt is also easy to fabricate and assemble.  The average home handyman can make all the parts for the Model 180 in 3 to 4 days using simple power tools.  The pre-cut kit version can be fully assembled by one person in less than half a day.

To cure your winter cabin fever, build a Polyurt in a couple of weekends using our fully detailed plans and cutting instructions.  Load it into a pickup or small utility trailer—the full per-cut package fits into a standard pickup truck box.  Assemble in the spring in one morning's time and enjoy your little cabin all summer.  Easily add sheet foam insulation, a small wood stove, and solar electric for full year round use anywhere.

Now that you have a cure for your cabin fever, all that is left is to decide upon the setting for your new cabin!